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Thank God it's Friday, 1st April 2005
Thank God it's Friday, 16th April 2004
Thank God it's Friday, 22nd April 1994
Thank God it's Friday, 24th January 1992
Thank God it's Friday, 3rd April 1992
Shot down in an abbey's ruins, 10th May 1991
Thank God it's Friday, 20th July 1990

Music at Beverley Minster, April 1986
Ted Hughes - Poet Laureate, May 1985

The Prospectus, 16th January 1987
Summer Camp, 2nd September 1986
The Seminar, 12th August 1986
Hard Times, 8th July 1986
The University Poet, 26th May 1986
Solutions, 2nd May 1986
Life of the Academics, 1st April 1986
This World of Ours, 19th February 1986
The Honours System, 10th February 1986
The Carol Service (part two), 12th December 1985
The Carol Service, 11th December 1985
Wetwang Revisited, 14th November 1985
The Conference Experience
Is Anybody There?

Foxton, August 1980

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