Saturday, 8 May 2021

Results are in!

I hadn't held my breath. I nearly didn't vote, for what would've been the first time in my life. There really didn't seem much point in turning out to vote against a sitting Tory councillor certain to be re-elected (so certain that -- in common with the Tory council leader -- he seems incapable of replying to emails). Of course the equally secure sitting MP had to crow about it all on Twitter: 

And I, somewhat to my regret, had to rise to the bait. It's all very sad.  

We don’t want to be governed by skilled, qualified, honest and capable politicians any more, do we? What we seem to want now is “personality” however shallow, fraudulent and incompetent. That's the real problem with Kier Starmer. For all his other attributes, he lack 'personality'. Why won't anyone admit it? The man is serious, qualified, committed, industrious... but lacks that magic sparkle that seems to attract the British electorate, as well as blinding them to any number of faults and failings. What a piece of work...

In other news the continuing struggle of an under-valued, under-funded (and overly politicised) NHS continues to amaze and inspire me. Last week, dose two of my Covid jab; this week, after a quick phone call, a steroid injection to alleviate some pretty nasty autoimmune disease complications. The nurse administering the latter had come out of retirement to cover for colleagues (a) taking a sabbatical to complete further training and (b) drafted into the NHS Covid vaccination programme. 

Unlike the so-called (and utterly flawed) NHS test-and-trace (which really ought to be re-named "Tory Test-and-Trace") the vaccination programme is testament to the success of grass-roots, NHS commitment and professionalism. The number of volunteers, the amount of goodwill, the lack of the "greed" so mendaciously credited by the PM, is what has seen this programme such a huge success. No-one is making obscene amounts of money from plum NHS procurement contracts; no-one is texting their friend the PM for tax breaks; no-one is dithering about what to do and worrying which of their private sector chums might benefit. People are volunteering, working long hours, and -- like the nurse who treated me on Thursday -- coming out of retirement to do so.

And yet it's the Conservative government taking all the credit. 

And reaping the electoral rewards. 

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