Sunday, 28 March 2021

Diary: No more heroes...

It’s been a week of concerts from Media City this week (for those of us perpetually tuned to Radio 3) and jolly good they’ve been. Chamber music at lunchtime, orchestral concerts in the afternoon and culminating on Friday evening with a fine live concert from the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester. All the concerts have been introduced by the ebullient Tom McKinney, complete with the emphatic local pronunciation of every ‘G’ in the script... choral evensonG, lots of sinGinG and so on. Someone on Twitter a few days ago asked where all Priti Patel’s absent ‘Gs’ have gone. 

Well, we now know the answer. 

When not listening to Tom using up Priti's scorned "g's" I've been tramping the pavements on my daily walk while listening to Stephen Fry narrate his re-telling of the Greek myths, Heroes. Not only is the prose masterful (I've got the book, too) but the reading (as you'd expect) is amazing. The range, the voices and the choices... for example, the pitch-perfect Norn Iron contortions of the language given to  king Eurystheus! You can almost see the wicked twinkle in Stephen's eye. It's not (just) a well-told tale of ancient deeds and derring-do, either. Fry isn't averse to adding the occasional observation of the universal truths the old tales sometimes tell. "[R]ebellions from the outside nearly always fail: familial quarrelling, dynastic feuding, party disunity, the palace coup and the stab in the back... these are what dislodge regimes and topple tyrants." 

And there's been proof of that a-plenty, this week!

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