Friday, 19 February 2021

Stop daydreaming!

 You know, there are still a few people who think teachers have it easy, what with "all those holidays". I imagine they're getting fewer and further between as frazzled parents realise there's a lot more to making learning happen than turning up at school at eight-thirty in the morning. 

But I digress. If, like me, your mind is already beginning to turn to next week and another term of homeschooling, read on. Because in my now semi-regular resources round-ups, I've come across Wales-based educational resources provider Daydream Education. And it has just made a selection of its downloadable study tools available FREE to support home education during lockdown. 

Chris Malcolm, MD of Daydream, says: "Home study can be stressful for both parents and children and we hope that by providing a selection of free resources via our website, we’ll be able to help them through this challenging time.”

You can find out more about Daydream Education by clicking here:

And to go straight to free resources, click here: 


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