Tuesday, 3 September 2019


It's back-to-school time once again only, this time, it's a new one - school, that it, for the eponymous hero of this blog. (You didn't think that was me, did you?)

Charlie starts secondary school today, looking smart in his new school uniform with tie tied and hair combed and shoes polished. It's a nerve-wracking time (and that's just the parents!). Actually Charlie has been (or seemed) quite phlegmatic about the whole thing. I think it helped that he had a large input into his choice of school.

He took the 11+ (yes, welcome to the 1950s), 'passed' (as-it-were) and passed well, therefore keeping all his options open. That meant he was able to choose the school he liked best with no other considerations. He enjoyed his induction days at the end of last term and while not exactly counting down the days until the start of the new school year at least he hasn't been viewing it with the same dread I did.

Mind you, I 'transitioned' several times, both by dint of moving house and by living in areas that had primary, middle, and high schools, all of which added to the pressure. And although I'd always quite liked primary school (despite coming home on day one and being surprised to learn I had to go back again the next day - apparently I told my mum I'd 'been there, done that' or words to that effect!) I disliked secondary (or middles, then secondaries) with increasing passion.

But that's another story. Mine, not Charlie's.

And today's about him.

Roll on 3.25pm!

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