Friday, 30 August 2019

Work-life balance... and a jar of maggots

Ruth Davidson's announcement yesterday that she's giving up the leadership of the Scottish Tories to 'spend more time with her family' has inevitably attracted plenty of attention.

Not all of it has been about what she claims are the real reasons for her stepping down. She wants to spend time with her young son. She doesn't want to be away from home, campaigning, for so long. Something she once loved (fighting elections) has now not only lost its allure, it fills her with dread.

I can understand most of that. I did the same thing ten years ago and - it being something of a novelty at the time for a dad to give up work to stay at home, it was something people used to want me to talk about. Which is what I did again, today, on BBC Lincs. You can listen to it here should you wish. Just ff to 17mins, just after the bit about maggots(!) and you'll find me.

I don't think the two things are related...

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