Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Let there be (less, blue) light...

Like most of us I probably spend more time than is healthy looking at a screen of one sort or another*.  I've got a nifty gadget meaning I can stand up at my desk. I've got a tablet with a blue light filter that turns on after dark. And I get up from time to time and take a walk. But there's little doubt I'm probably getting far more blue light from my screen time than is good for me.

Blue light stimulates the brain and eyes and suppresses the production of melatonin - a hormone we produce to naturally regulate our sleep cycles. Eye strain, headaches, dry eyes and blurry vision are also common side-effects from too much screen time.

Enter, Ocushield...

I've been sent a pair of Ocushield specs to try and - although it's early days (this could be a placebo) I'm beginning to think that wearing them is starting to make things better.

Ocushield filters out blue light but doesn't affect your screen's display, or need to be turned on or off. It comes as shock and scratch proof screen protectors (which have an in-built privacy filter, blurring screens at non-direct angles) as well as the specs I've been sent to try.

For more information about Ocushield visit

*According to research for Ocushield, Brits spend 9 hours, 10 mins per day on digital screens compared to 4 hours, 10 mins socialising, eating and reading. They also spend more time on digital screens than sleeping and eating combined and an astonishing 83% of Brits use digital screens right before bed. Bad!

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