Friday, 6 July 2018

Dear Mrs May, here's what you won't do today...

Like most people (I suspect) I'm heartily sick of Brexit.

I didn't vote for it (although I'm not an unqualified fan of the EU and can see some merit in leaving) but remain happy - in our so-called democracy - to go by the decision of the (tiny) majority (which, I know, is a minority of the electorate but, well, they really should've gone out to vote, shouldn't they?).

Anyway, I'm sure it's possible to negotiate a smooth transition from the EU. And I'm also certain that one reason it's not happening is... the EU itself with its intransigent negotiating position designed to make it as hard and as unattractive as possible to prevent other countries considering it too.

But by far the biggest reason is the bl**dy Conservative party, the same bickering, back-stabbing bores that the EU referendum was supposed to silence. Not that it would've done. But that was Cameron's gamble. And what a lose-lose throw of the dice that was.

Because whatever happens, those same anti-EU bores will be able to claim the moral (or political) high ground. Leave empty handed? Or leave, with our hands well-and-truly tied in an EU knot? Obviously (they'd say) the negotiations were badly handled, or the EU wasn't playing fair, or Theresa May gave far too much away.

There's no pleasing them. Nothing - I'm fairly sure of it - will satisfy them. We're leaving the EU but that's not enough. We've got to leave on their terms - no matter how bad - or they'll still be kicking up one hell of a fuss.

So, here's a solution (should Mrs May be looking for one).

Sack 'em. Sack the lot of them. Sack the Cabinet's Brexit Bullsh**ters; de-select the rebel MPs. And start again with a party in favour of a sensibly negotiated settlement. Or even a party in favour of abandoning Brexit altogether.

Yes, that'll mean no Tory or Labour, no Left or Right. Just an 'in' and maybe a couple of 'outs' (and who knows, perhaps a 'shake-it-all-about?).

Then we could have a General Election and the winner gets to set the EU Agenda.

It won't happen, of course. In spite of the fact that this is the biggest single crisis facing the country, the biggest decision in a generation the consequences of which are going to be felt for decades to come, they'll continue trying to play their political games, they'll continue their po-faced posturing and political back-biting.

Because that's just what they do.

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