Friday, 25 May 2018

Half Term at the Royal Albert Hall

Half-term approaches, and if you're looking for something to do in London, there's a full programme of fantastic family related events at the Royal Albert Hall as part of their Festival of Science: Space! series.

Details below, and tickets can be booked direct from

My Great Orchestral Adventure
Saturday 26 May 2018, Auditorium
Aliens have arrived on planet Earth and they are not happy! The record player on their spaceship is broken and instead of bringing musical messages of intergalactic peace, it’s doing the complete opposite! We need to travel through outer space to help save the world!  Along the way we’ll make friends with aliens, waltz in zero gravity and enjoy sunrise symphonies, all without leaving the Royal Albert Hall’s magical auditorium. You decide what happens next by voting which way we should travel! We’ll be singing, dancing and best of all, a full symphony orchestra will bring our adventure to life.

A Strange New Space
Tuesday 29 May 2018, Elgar Room
A Strange New Space is Tessa Bide’s non-verbal, one-woman show aimed at children aged 4-10 years old, and follows the journey of space-obsessed Amira, who dreams of becoming an astronaut. The show melds physical theatre with stunning puppetry and original music. We travel on an imagined voyage into space, paralleled with Amira’s real-life journey as a refugee across continents, forming an unforgettable introduction to theatre for young audiences. 

Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speaking (Junior Edition)
Wednesday 30 May 2018, Elgar Room
Tangram Theatre returns to the Hall’s Elgar Room to present their family theatre show celebrating the 20th century’s most brilliant thinker as part of the Festival of Science: Space. Join Albert, the genius behind the ├╝bercoolest moustache in science, for a lecture like none you’ve ever seen.

Engsonglopedia of Science
Wednesday 30 May 2018, Elgar Room
John Hinton presents his new science-based family show in the Elgar Room as part of the Hall’s inaugural Festival of Science: Space. Ensonglopedia of Science sees Hinton present a song about science for every letter of the alphabet – expect atoms, big bangs, cells, DNA and plenty more. Expect the unexpected, and expect it to rhyme!

Albert's Band Presents: To Infinity and Beyond
Friday 1 June 2018, Elgar Room
Join the Royal Albert Hall’s resident Education & Outreach orchestra, Albert’s Band, as they take you on a musical journey to a galaxy far far away. Led by Kevin Hathway and his team of astro-musicians, this promises to be the perfect family friendly introduction to some of the most famous and recognised pieces of classical music in the universe! These concerts are part of the Royal Albert Hall’s Festival of Space.

Moomins and the Comet - Live Re-Score 
Sunday 3 June 2018, Elgar Room
This is a rare chance for Moomins fans old and new to experience Anne Wood’s TV adaptations of Film Polski’s breathtakingly charming animations, all accompanied by a live score which mixes Casios with ocarinas and the voices of vintage synthesisers with instruments from around the world.

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