Monday, 16 April 2018

Your starter for ten...

It's not been a good week for the Paxman.

First, he comes off second or perhaps third best as guest host of Have I Got News for You? on Friday night. He's even left speechless when the BBC's business correspondent Steph McGovern calls him 'a patronising git'.

But worse - much worse - was the gaffe revealed tonight on Twitter that caused a furore during the University Challenge semi-final between Newcastle and Merton, Oxford.

Here's what happened...

Newcastle - about to answer their third bonus music question - are surprised when Paxman does it for them. Apparently, in reading the question, Paxman gave away the answer.

'And finally, for five points, name the composer of this piece by Aaron Cope... oh s**t!'

But what happened next was, if anything, even worse and I'm indebted to Paul Carey Jones on Twitter (who was in the audience at the recording) for the full story...

Well, dear reader, the producers may have been unmoved but the audience (it would seem) certainly weren't. And neither, too, were the question setters who ultimately rode to the rescue with a new bonus (requiring, of course, another piece of music). Cameras once more rolled, Paxman managed to read the question (without giving away the answer) and all was well.

And I challenge you. Take a look at the broadcast. Don't even watch it all if you aren't that way inclined. (A quick skip to 14:43 will take you to the moment of truth.)

But can you see the join?!

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