Tuesday, 20 March 2018

GTech Pro Plus review

Over the years I've become something of an expert in vacuum cleaners. We've been sent a few to review. And I've bought a few myself, including the GTech AirRam which I thought was quite possibly the best thing in vacuum cleaning since sliced bread (...all those crumbs!).

That's not the only GTech product I've bought. I've got their frankly wonderful lawn mower, too. And the cordless hedge trimmer. I think it's safe to say - having been a pretty regular customer of theirs - that I'm a fan.

So, when they sent me the new GTechPro to review, I felt both pleased and, well - challenged. You see, a review is nothing if not honest. And I honestly thought there'd be no competition for the AirRam.

Like the AirRam (like everything from GTech) there are no wires. That's bonus number one. That and a more-than-adequate lithium-ion battery which provides enough juice for picking up plenty of crumbs. And just about everything else including - thanks to something called its AirLOC feature - large bits that other vacuum cleaners miss!

Unlike the AirRam, the GTech Pro has a bag. Aha! I thought. Fiddly, unnecessary, dirty (after years of having bagless cleaners). But... it has its advantages.

For a start, you don't have to worry so much about filters (which can be a pain to clean). And although the AirRam is great at compressing all the dust you suck up into a nice, neat, easy-to-empty cassette it's SO good at compressing it that you can, well, leave it rather too long to empty. And then get a bit dusty.

But this isn't about the AirRam. It's about the Pro. And so not being bagless might actually be an advantage.

What's also a distinct advantage is it's versatility. The Pro is really three vacs in one. It's a hand vac for those hand-vac moments, a stair vac (this is probably my favourite adaptation) for stair cleaning and a floor vac for, well, floor vac-ing. Look!

All in all I can do no better than say that if we hadn't already got an AirRam (did I tell you how impressed I was with that?) I'd definitely be getting a Pro instead. It's everything you need in a vacuum cleaner without an awful lot (wires, for instance) that you don't.

My wife has criticism. For a long session (which the battery, with up to 40 mins charge, easily permits) it can start to get a little heavy. But when you compare it to other models (as in this Which? report) the GTech actually weighs in as the lightest, and almost half the weight of the equivalent Dyson.

Anyway, I just told her it wasn't a problem as I'd do all the vacuuming.

Which, with the GTech Pro, is (almost) a pleasure!

Highly recommended.

Disclosure: we were sent a Gtech Pro by Gtech for the purposes of the review, but our opinion - as always - is entirely honest and neutral.  

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