Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Teacher Boards UK

Yes, teacher boards. And, as you know, I'm one myself. (A teacher, that is. I'm also frequently bored with the interminable admin. that goes with the job, but that's a different spelling!)

Anyway, this isn't about me. Or about teachers. It's about a company that - fair to say - specialises in getting good quality display and play materials into schools (and at very reasonable prices) but that really ought to be on the radar of parents, too.

They've sent us one of these to play with, a modular role play screen from their furniture range designed to encourage creativity and role play for young primary school aged children.

You can use them to create and change your own role play images using dry marker pens on the whiteboard screens and make up many different combinations of brightly coloured panels. They're supplied with button feet as standard (for stability a minimum of two panels must be used together) but lockable castors are available if requested.

It's great. It's also incredibly good quality, so good, to robust (and, er... so large) that I might have to donate it to the children's school. It's built to be bashed about my more than two (very careful) kids, that's for sure.

The firm does all sorts - notice boards, pin boards, display materials, furniture, you name it. And if it's all as good as the Junior Role-Play boards then it'll all be built to last.

And not just built for school or office use, either. Here are just a few of the things from their website that might find a welcome berth in your home:

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