Tuesday, 9 January 2018

The doctor will see you now... if you can afford it

Here's a question for you this morning. Why should a student (full-time, but over nineteen years of age) have to pay healthcare costs (prescriptions, dental charges etc.)?

Feel free to answer in the comment box below, especially if there's something obvious about the logic of making some of the poorest among us pay for things others get for free.

Perhaps you could also answer me this: why should the same student(s) (if they're applying for a possible exemption to the above costs) be expected to declare as INCOME the amount they receive as a student LOAN? (The clue is in the name there, but I've capitalised it, just in case!)

Oh, and while we're about it, perhaps we can also talk about the fact that the esteemed learning institution said student attends sees fit to blow almost the entire total of said student's LOAN (see what I did there? That's for the benefit of any Conservative politicians or Daily Mail journalists who might be reading) the minute s/he (this is, of course, entirely hypothetical) sets foot in the establishment at the start of term. Because it does.

And... (sorry, I just keep thinking of them) can someone also tell me how it's acceptable to penalise a student for happening to have savings - savings saved (as you do with savings) in a variety of ways including working hard at temporary jobs in order both to fund her/his higher education and also, maybe, just maybe, to give him/her self a decent start once he/she graduates.

In debt. Up to fifty grand's worth of debt, to be precise.

But a debt that the NHS seem to want to count as 'income', when applying for healthcare costs exemption!

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