Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Advent, door five

Day five of the digital Advent calendar it where is gets serious. Behind today's door is a letter. I've shown it here before, so if you want the full story take a look at this post.

But it's worth sharing again at this time of year as it reminds us how important the message of Christmas continues to be, how the tragedy of poverty and powerlessness still prevails in the land where it all began and how the so-called representatives of god on earth don't always (seldom, maybe?) seem to practise what they love to preach.

So, here's a letter from the Archbishop himself about the plight of today's Palestinians. As you can see, he - or his representative - doesn't seem any more concerned about the Innocents than Herod was two thousand years ago. Plus ├ža change...

Incidentally grammar nerds, classicists or etymologists out there, why 'Ar-tch' bishop but 'Ark' Angel? Anyone know?

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