Thursday, 2 March 2017

World Book Day Giveaway

It's that time of year again, the time of year when normally calm and rational parents suddenly flip on being informed, minutes before the school run, that it's #WorldBookDay and that, this year, the school has decided everyone should dress up as a character from Homer. The Greek bard, not the Simpson's character.

(What do you mean you never saw that letter?)

Anyway, however yours have dressed today, I have something to mark the occasion that won't involve hours of sewing, extortionate expense (or any expense at all, actually) and only the very bare minimum of effort (namely, a comment beneath this post).

For I have not one, not two but THREE books to give away today as part of a special World Book Day, er... giveaway.

First, this. A 1970s family crisis saw car-obsessed Martin Gurdon sent to a vegetarian boarding school in rural Lancashire, from which he bunked off in order to make day trips to London, pretending to be a businessman in order to test drive new cars. His memoir Life on the Road is out on March 23rd but you can get hold of an advance copy right here!

Next, this. Now the days are getting longer it's time to start planning what to do with those lovely, long summer evenings we've been looking forward to all winter. And this is the perfect guide. The family Meek come up trumps again (that's 'trump' as in 'triumph', not the peach-faced POTUS with the candy-floss bouffant) with 50 simple and exciting ideas for spending time together out-of-doors during the working week.

And finally, this.

Yes, I know, I know. But none other than the legendary Reverend Richard Coles described it as a 'beautifully-angled novel about growing up and breaking down' and he should know. (Have you read his autobiography?) And just look what some of its other readers have said: 'I read this book in two sittings... so good is the writing that I physically experienced the panic a character was having and the relief when it passed.' 'A pleasure to read, it flows from the page.' And 'Writing Therapy blew me away!'

If you'd like it (or any of the other books on offer) to 'blow you away' this World Book Day, then leave a comment below (saying which one you'd like) between now and Sunday night.

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