Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Radio Gaga

Being on BBC Local Radio is a little bit like speed dating. Not that I've ever been speed-dating, but from what I gather, you know. From a friend. Of a friend.

Anyway, in spite of the fact that I've done it before and in spite of the fact that I imagine local radio having hours and hours of airtime and only limited scope for playing Abba back-to-back I always feel rushed. Best to get a couple of thoughts written down and leave the rest to them.

So when they rang (to ask if I'd contribute to their discussion of the teaching crisis) I did. Here they are:
  • teachers' lives will never improve until school data targets are driven by what individual pupils need and can achieve, rather than what makes schools look good;
  • and that would actually make most pupils a lot happier, too.  
Of course, I didn't get round to saying them. Because I was asked other things. And therefore said stuff in reply I hadn't really thought about.

You can hear me do it if you like.

Scroll to 27mins in.

Unless your taste is 30 year-old pop songs. (Have Human League re-formed. Again?)

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