Friday, 17 February 2017

The Doctor will see you now...

Any email that begins with the words 'I'm a big fan of your blog and have been reading it a lot!' is guaranteed to grab my attention. After all, the author is clearly someone of taste, discernment, wit, erudition and intelligence.

Certainly the latter, as this particular email comes from a PhD student at the University of Cambridge who is writing a dissertation on stay-at-home father families. She's interested in interviewing stay-at-home dads, their partners and children in order 'to get a full perspective of family life in these families, with a view to getting fathers' voices heard as they are often under-represented in comparison to mothers.'

Can you help? she asks. Well I can. And I will. But can you?

If you can, you can contact Kitty by phone on 01223 334513 or email her at

And there's a tenner in it if you do!

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