Sunday, 29 January 2017

Sunday book giveaway

Being a parent isn't easy. Ask anyone's who's ever done it.

So imagine parenting not one, not two, not the statistical 'two-point-four' or even three children (my own preferred quantity) but nine. Yes, nine. (I know it says eight on the book cover... that's just how long things take in publishing.)

Now imagine doing it on a remote Yorkshire hillside where both you and the electricity are regularly cut off each winter. Oh, and you've got to look after 1000 sheep scattered across two thousand acres of bleak moorland into the bargain.

Interested? No, me neither. Anyway there's no vacancy because the role is already capably, remarkably, skilfully and awesomely filled by Amanda Owen - Yorkshire Shepherdess. Or superwoman, as she ought to be known.

She's not alone. (There are the children, obviously!) She has a husband, Clive, with whom she runs the farm. There are dogs, too - working dogs, of course - and ponies. Oh and hens and cattle. It's a farm, after all.

But a farm in one of the loneliest places in the country, so far from what the rest of us might call 'civilisation' that Amanda has experienced some extraordinary births (three times in a lay-by, once in an army barracks). And I don't mean the birth of lambs, either.

It's a remarkable story, one you can read for yourself because I've got a copy of Amanda's brand-new book to give away. It's inspiring, daunting (I'll never complain about the school run again) and heart-warming in equal measure.

You'll love it. Especially if you're a parent, if you feel harassed (who doesn't?) and you need a little inspiration.

Enter via the Rafflecopter thingumy below; I'll do the rest. And then I'll go and have a well-deserved lie-down.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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