Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Winnie the Pooh

It's Winnie the Pooh day - or, the day on which (in 1882) the author of the eponymous tales A.A.Milne was born. Here he is, looking very typically author-ish:

Which can't have been his normal pose, can it? I mean, Winnie the Pooh - as well as being such utterly charming, captivating children's literature - contains in such a little space so much love and fun and wisdom that I can't imagine A.A.Milne as anything other than a sort of cross between Peter Pan, Lewis Carroll and Plato. And a lot more fun than Plato.

So, let's raise a jar (of honey) and remember some of his best lines, shall we?

Have you got a favourite Winnie-the-Pooh quote?

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