Friday, 27 January 2017

Interesting times...

It's Holocaust Memorial Day today.

We live in 'interesting times' as the (alleged) Chinese curse would have it - walls built, people condemned for what - not who - they are. Nationalistic drawbridges drawn up. Hatred.

We've been there before. In living memory (just). I'm sure the 1930's were 'interesting times' for those old enough to live through them. And lucky enough to survive them.

I was stopped in my tracks this morning by a song I'd never heard before, from a composer I'd never heard of. Adolf Strauss was a Jewish inmate of Terezin; this poignant song - Ich weiss bestimmt, ich werd Dich wiedersehen (I know I will see you again) was written weeks before he was killed in Auschwitz.

If you do nothing else to mark the day, do this. Have a listen. (It's the first song).


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