Sunday, 25 September 2016

My book needs you!

So, who fancies being part of something, rather than just buying something? Who would like to be a patron of the arts (*ahem*), help get something published, have a say in how the book develops, even get asked what you think of the cover design? With Unbound, you can. And I'm with Unbound.

Join me? You can, right here:

And my book needs your support. Not just because I want to see it published (I do). And not just because I think it's going to be good (it is) or even because the characters are fascinating (they are) and the story is compelling. Not even, if I'm honest, because the story of Britain's forgotten army - the men who stayed in France and Flanders after the Armistice, finding and burying the bodies of their fallen comrades - really needs telling.

No, ultimately the reason I'm putting this book out there with Unbound is because it makes the process of writing and producing a book much more collaborative. For instance, once the book funds and Unbound begins designing a cover, they involve the readers - those who've pledged get a say in what the book will look like! Because Unbound is about involving readers at every stage in the process. Instead of a publisher and bookseller basically deciding what people should read, Unbound is saying, 'it's your call: if you want this book you need to step forward and support it.' And, in return, you get to be part of something - something which develops its own momentum and starts to feel a bit like a campaign.

I've written (and had published) six books so far (take a look at the header!) - all reasonably successful. But this is the one I'm most excited about because for the first time I can have a conversation with the reader from the earliest stages. Subscribers to the book get to read my 'shed' posts - basically, blog posts about how it's going, what I'm doing and so on. And they can tell me what they're thinking.

So although the bottom line is that if you pledge you get your name in the lovely, hardback special edition of the book (as well as the book itself, of course!) as a supporter you get much, much more.

You get to be part of something. And among those already 'part of' this 'something' are some familiar names - from ex-Crimewatch presenter-turned-author Sue Cook, to Time Team's Francis Pryor (founder of Flag Fen), the 'Bard of Barnsley' and presenter of BBC Radio 3's 'The Verb' Ian McMillan and former curate of Boston Stump, Saturday Live presenter and ex-pop star Richard Coles. And that's in addition to the other 250-odd people - some known personally, many more strangers who have come across the book on the Unbound website - all of whom I feel I can now count as partners in the exciting enterprise of bringing a new book into being.

Will you be joining them?

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