Saturday, 13 August 2016

Happy Left-Handed Day!

Yes, in a world whew there's a day for everything, today really is World Left-Handed Day.

As a life-long south paw, along with Barack Obama (and a host of other US Presidents) I'm more than happy to post something positive about our much maligned preference. 

Even the word 'left' in some languages leaves a lot to be desired - 'gauche' (French) and 'sinestra' (Latin) imply a lack of skill and worse, while 'links' (left) in Dutch and German also means 'clumsy'.

And why do we wear our wedding rings on our left hand? Why, to ward off the evil that might otherwise blight our nuptial bliss! 

Being left-handed isn't easy, but at least as we smudge the ink on life's page we can count ourselves in good company. So, raise a glass (in your left-hand) to the one in ten of us who do it - write, pitch, bat, bowl, serve, return, tee off and think - differently. Lefties, you're in good company...

Leonardo da Vinci
Marie Curie
Neil Armstrong

And many more.

And now, a quick commercial...

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