Saturday, 23 July 2016

Hello Dickies!

Doing a good job is about having the right gear. Wouldn't you feel better doing those little jobs around the house and in the garden if you had the right tools and - crucially - the right clothes?

Now, the job I do doesn't really require anything special by way of clothing. There's no uniform, no dress code, nothing. In fact, I could probably wear nothing (and sometimes do) and it wouldn't matter. (I'm talking, dear reader, about my tenuous hold on the career of writer rather than my former life as a schoolteacher. Obviously!)

Anyway, I might not do a job that requires specialist clothing but I do plenty of jobs that do - little jobs around the house (and jobs around the little house) and so when Dickies Workwear invited me to try a couple of items from their range, I jumped at the chance.

First up, shorts. Eisenhower Premium shorts, to be precise. With zip off, angled holster pockets reinforced with Cordura® as well as regular pockets, 2 back pockets reinforced with Cordura® there's plenty of places for tools, which means that they're there where you need them, when you want them.
They're tough, too. Made of 65% polyester, 35% cotton ripstop with Teflon coating, they're certainly up to the job. Pretty much any job.

And then there's the rather elegant Professional Combat Bodywarmer...

This rather stylish, zip fronted (with velcro fastened storm flap) sleeveless jacket has a mobile phone pocket (again, with velcro fastening), pen pocket and generous waist pockets too. Again, the resilient 65% polyester, 35% cotton twill fabric (with water repellent finish) will keep you warm as well as well provided for.

Both are available from the Dickies website (along with the entire range of outerwear, trousers, footwear and safety clothing) and come highly recommended.

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