Sunday, 8 May 2016

Mother's Day USA

We missed our Mother's Day post this year due to illness, which was a shame as Tesco had sent a rather lovely hamper filled with goodies, there were card kits for the kids and a biscuit decorating kit.

We did manage a couple of tweets but that only added to the confusion across the pond as worried US dads panicked, thinking they had missed it.

So, as we did (miss it) we thought we'd celebrate today instead - Mother's Day in the US of A. After all, they invented it. Didn't they?

So, we're celebrating today instead, first with breakfast (on a lovely new tray supplied by the Tesco team)...

With a cake, baked with some lovely Tesco ingredients...

(Not forgetting, of course, to lick the spoon!)

And with cards that the kids can colour in...

So, Happy Mother's Day wherever you are.

After all, shouldn't Mother's Day be every day?

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