Saturday, 9 April 2016

On tour...

My blog book tour (bit odd that, when you think about it - a virtual tour for a book that doesn't yet exist!) begins today and I'm delighted to be a guest on Iain Standen's excellent blog 'Historic Musings'.

If you don't know Iain, he's a former Colonel in the Royal Corps of Signals, now CEO of the wartime code-breaking HQ Bletchley Park, as well as being an historian with a wide range of interests - from the American Civil War to World War One Battlefields, where he acts as a part-time tour guide.

Anyway, he kindly agreed to let me plug my new book The Glorious Dead on his blog. We had a chat about it earlier this week and he's published the post today, in the context of a fascinating article about the war cemeteries in general, and one specific grave in particular.

It's an really interesting read. Do pop across and take a look:

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