Wednesday, 13 April 2016

On tour, day two...

I'm delighted - really pleased - that the second stop on my virtual book tour (a virtual tour for what's virtually a book) is the lovely Katyboo's Weblog And I'm pleased for a variety of reasons.

First, I really love her blog and have done for years. Second, she's always been supportive of my fledging authorship ambitions. She's one of the few people I know who has read (and liked) Writing Therapy.

But third, and most important (and she may not even realise this herself) she inspired me to write my present book (the one I'm touring with right now, the one that doesn't exist yet, you know).

Yes. Some years ago she recommended a book 'The Missing of the Somme' by Geoff Dyer, highly recommended it in fact, and rightly so. Because when I read it I was bowled over.

It's about the war, of course. But it's about the end of the war, the Remembrance, memorials, commemorations and what they say about us as a nation, then and now. It's fascinating, factual and set on the social or civic scale, whereas my own book is fictional, personal and set in the minds of the men who do the Empire's dirty work, making the grand memorials that we all now almost take for granted.

But it was reading that book that first sparked my interest in the subject. Now, six or more years later, I have my own book to show for it. Or I will if enough of you - the readers - support it. That's how Unbound works - authors pitch their work and readers choose what gets published. And Unbound is the topic of my guest post on Katy's blog. So why don't you head over there now and have a read.

She'll make you very welcome!

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