Saturday, 9 January 2016

Saturday girl

In a new and occasional series, I shall be reporting highlights from my daughter's experience working part-time at a well-known (and highly respectable) national retail organisation. She works on Saturdays, as well as other days during school holidays. This particular well-known and long-established retailer pays above minimum rates, which is good. It has a reputation as being a rather good employer, though there may be some slight doubts about the 'system' and its ability to accurately plan a rota.

But no matter. My daughter works there, and has done for some time, and for most of that time things have gone quite well. When they don't, she (my daughter) remains cheerful and courteous and is always willing and helpful. Nevertheless, some of her encounters with the garment-buying British public have the faint aura of a Kafka narrative or at least a candid-camera set-up or maybe a secret shopper test of initiative and patience. For instance...

Customer: I'd like to return this please. I've got my receipt.

Daughter: Certainly madam, what seems to be problem?

Customer: It's the right slipper. Look (customer removes slipper from carrier and points out the problem area) - it's rubbing. I can't wear it. It's so uncomfortable.

Daughter: Of course, I quite understand. That won't be a problem. (Daughter examines carrier for the accompanying, left slipper). Er, do you have the other one?

Customer: The other what?

Daughter: The other slipper.

Customer: The other slipper?

Daughter: Yes, the other slipper. You see...

Customer: Oh no, I didn't bring that one with me.

Daughter" Why not?

Customer: Well, that one doesn't rub.

From a series. To be continued... 

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