Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy new year!

Hello everyone!

I'm a banker... well, I used to be. But now I've seen the light. (Good job it wasn't the light shining over the stable in Bethlehem, what? Too political for me, that. You know, Palestinians and what-not.)

Anyway, another year ends and a new one begins. Though, as a purely religious leader and Lord Spiritual, matters of time and earthly change are of little relevance to me. But that doesn't stop me using every opportunity the calendar presents to preach a sermon. Doesn't stop me taking up space in the House of Lords, either. Hwah, hwah!

Anyway, may the arbitrary and entirely unreligious changing of one pagan calculation of the passage of time bring you health and happiness in the twelve months (lunar concept, months you know - pagan) ahead of us all.

And remember, if you're a Palestinian, write to this man, not me...

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