Tuesday, 22 December 2015

A close shave!

A timely early Christmas present arrives in the post from Panasonic... (having been turned down by Santa, I'd imagine).

I've only just shaved off an attempt to make a small beard bigger, so being a shaver again after a few months makes me more than sensitive to the idiosyncrasies of the range of shaving apparatus I possess as well as, well, just more sensitive generally. 

The ES-LT6N (for it is that) combines such features as a full hour's charge, 3 triple blades with multi-flex 3D head to follow the contours of your face and - perfect for ex-beardies like me - an automatic stubble sensor that adjusts shaving power according to the density of your beard. That's the clincher. For it means you can get away without shaving daily - without the agony of shaving stubble! 

Santa - should he go for a post-Christmas image change over the festive season - might want to take note. 

Highly recommended.

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