Friday, 25 December 2015

So this is Christmas...

... and what have you done? 

In my case, as always, the answer to John's question is 'sing'. Rather a lot. As a member (man and boy) of a church choir for more years than I can remember, the season almost always means music - lots of it. And there is an awful lot of it. 

At the last count we've done half a dozen Carol services to say nothing of the regular devotional gigs that crowd the calendar at this time of year, up to and including a marathon three hour (including choir rehearsal) midnight mass last night. No wonder my eyes wouldn't stay open during the Strictly Christmas special this evening. 

But I don't care what anyone says, amid all the wonderful music that magic moment just before the end when Elgar's Starlight Express (he got there long before Lloyd-Webber) breaks into the warm bath of an orchestral arrangement of The First Nowell says 'Christmas' every bit as much as 'Once in Royal David's City' or 'Chestnuts roasting on an open fire' or Noddy Holder bawling out 'It's Chriiiiiiistmas' any day. Just have a listen and see if you agree. And Merry Christmas everybody!

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