Thursday, 8 October 2015

This Be The Verse

Today is National Poetry Day and, as a tribute to the university librarian of my erstwhile alma mater, to the nominal parenting theme of this blog as well a to a damn good poem, here's Philip Larkin reading 'This be the Verse'.

WARNING: Contains what some people still refer to rather coyly as 'language'.

Larkin, of course, took his own advice and did 'get out' as quickly as he could and avoided having kids himself. But there's a serious lesson here for those of us, I would argue, more fortunate in our family circumstances. Parenting isn't easy and no matter how experienced we are, we can all slip into bad habits. 

The best we parents can hope for, really, is not to f**k our children up. 

Have you got a favourite poem for National Poetry Day? 

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