Monday, 21 September 2015

Dads, I need your help

I'm speaking at the National Childbirth Trust's annual shindig in Coventry on Saturday and part of my remit is to discuss 'meeting the needs of dads' in a workshop following the opening session.

Now, I'm nothing if not needy and I'm sure I could easily fill the time with manifold (see what I did there?) wants and desires. But no. These are new times. 

The Leader of Her Majesty's Official Opposition crowd sources questions for the weekly PMQs he attends. Meanwhile, the PM himself may or may not do some pretty strange things to pigs. So, in the spirit of the age I thought I'd ask you dads out there to do the same. No, not unspeakable acts with pigs' heads - supply some questions, raise some concerns, suggest what bodies like the NCT could do to improve the lot of us dads, or at least help us feel a little less like spare parts, encourage us to become more involved and - generally - help us to be better dads. 

You can leave a comment below or tweet or email your suggestions as you think fit. There will not be a prize for the best suggestion. But I can promise you won't appear twenty years later in my unofficial biography in connection with anything dodgy. Well, unless it has something to do wth dancing.

Now there's a suggestion for the NCT - lessons to help us avoid the calamity that is dad dancing...

He certainly seems to find it funny!

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