Saturday, 19 September 2015

Happy Fortieth Birthday Fawlty Towers

Forty years ago this very evening, September 19th 1975, at nine of the clock on BBC Two Television, the first episode of the comedy institution that is Flowery Twats was broadcast.

Amazingly, the birth and early life of this iconic moment in British Television was not without its complications. A BBC executive called it 'dire' and 'a collection of cliches and stock characters which I can't see being anything other than a disaster.'

But no matter. Like Dad's Army, Monty Python and possibly Robin's Nest (actually, no - scrap that last one) the show has become a classic. We're celebrating tonight in the best way possible with the boxed set, first from which will be the wonderful 'Mrs Richards', possibly followed by 'The Psychiatrist'. 

What's your favourite episode?

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