Saturday, 13 June 2015

I Don't Like Cricket...

I love it! Especially with England playing with such entertaining energy just recently.

Ok, so they lost yesterday. But only just. And a short time ago, faced with such a daunting target, they'd have collapsed like an empty suitcase.

There are many theories in this morning's papers explaining England's sudden change of form. Personally, I think I must take just a little of the credit. Because on Wednesday evening - just before the first of the one-dayers - I availed myself of a rather wonderful offer through my TV provider - TalkTalk - which means that, for the first time since 2005, I can watch live cricket rather than have to wait several hours for a very brief glimpse of the highlights.

Personally, I think such sporting events should be free-to-air anyway. And at just £6 a month, for six months, with no ongoing commitment, they are, almost. I know, I couldn't believe my luck either - and in an Ashes summer!

So, I thought it only right to share the offer here and now with you. If you're a cricket lover or you know someone, and if they take their TV services through TalkTalk (others may be offering something similar, I don't know) then spread the word. Let's all go cricket man again.

You never know, England might just win!

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