Monday, 15 June 2015

Dropping a Clanger!

They're back! Along with Thunderbirds, Paddington and a host of other children's classics, those funny little knitted creatures with swanny-whistle voices are set to return to our screens... today!

I can't wait. I've signed up (or been signed up) to some of the pre-publicity and was devastated not to be able to make the previews, or the studio tours. They sent a consolation prize (or was it punishment?) of stickers, swanny-whistles and... some knitting wool and a knitting pattern. Thanks, Clangers PR.

As if the kids weren't already in a state of high excitement (the DVD of the original series is a firm favourite of theirs... and mine) I've now had to resist the pressure to purchase knitting needles and start casting off with every fibre of my being. As well as enduring embryonic Clangerese for the last week.

Thankfully, Grandma is coming soon. She is good at knitting.

Watch this space!

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