Friday, 8 May 2015

Good Morning Britain?

So, all that hot air, huffing, puffing and endless, tedious, navel-gazing broadcasting and... what have we learnt, eh? What do we now know as the Balls stop spinning and the murky Westminster waters start clearing? Allow me to sum up the situation as I see it. I'll be quick. I promise. In fact, I'll sum it up in one sentence. It is this:

You don't get what you vote for. It's a cliché, but...

  • You get what media moguls make people believe (and just remember how they do it). Like him or loathe him, Ed Milliband stood up to the Murdoch media empire and he paid the price. 
  • You get what corporate bosses and fat cats pay for - want to donate to another election, anyone? 
  • And you get what a weird, out-dated election system dictates: 4 million votes for UKIP = (so far) 1 seat; in Scotland, the 'SNP Lion' certainly roared but the party only garnered 1,434,291 votes and yet won 55 seats. 

For all their expertise and exegesis and analysis, the pundits and the experts and the Westminster wonks got it wrong. It isn't a hung parliament. It isn't even close. There won't be another election later this year. What's the point of all that endless analysing?

For what it's worth my analysis is this. This the end of the UK as we know it. And it's the end of the Tories, too. Scotland will vote to leave the union. The Conservatives will implode over the Euro referendum. And one day, in the far distant future, in a post-Murdoch, kinder era, we'll realise that Ed Miliband, quite possibly, may just have been the best Prime Minister we never had.

You heard it here first!

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