Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Suited and booted

Choose a suit, they said. Test it to the limits. We've introduced a new range of performance suits with some clever innovations designed to keep you looking smart and feeling comfortable all day long.

Have you seen my commute, I asked them?  Turns out they hadn't, but it didn't matter. When M&S said 'test it to its limits' they meant it!

Cycle to work? No problem. The crease resistant fabric will ensure you arrive looking smart no matter what your commute. And the added stretch in the fabric will keep you feeling comfortable however fast you're pedalling.

Ok, so what if it rains? Well, they said, the Stormwear™water resistance will certainly ensure you don't get too wet.

All right, I said, you're on. What can possibly go wrong?

So I've been wearing the suit on my daily commute with the kids. I've worn it with a nice pair of Stretch Jeans with Stormwear™too for my equivalent of dress down Friday. And it certainly withstands the rigours of a cycle ride. Remarkably so. Add a smart non-iron pure cotton shirt with 2in longer sleeves and you don't even get that awful, bare-armed look as you hold the handlebars.

Verdict: comfortable (very) and incredibly smart. (Sorry about the cycle helmet!)

Ok, so it's bound to rain during the trial period, isn't it? I'm bound to get wet and have chance to test out that Stormwear™water resistant fabric. This is Britain, after all.

Well, it has rained since I was sent the suit to test. It rained a bit on Saturday. And on Sunday. But on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the sun has shone, the sky been a lovely shade of blue and the temperature a very pleasant 18 degrees.

So, sorry M&S. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I'm not about to do a rain dance. No. Enjoy the sunshine, that's what I say. Find yourself a nice spot in the garden after work - a hammock, say - and relax...

Just remember not to tell the kids!

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