Friday, 3 April 2015

Get Packing!

Visit Wales (the Welsh Tourist Board) is running a campaign to find out what people would pack for a trip to Wales. Are you prepared for coasteering? Would your kids be packing a toy sword to storm the Caernarfon castle, or a bucket and spade to make sandcastles on one of the superb Welsh beaches?

We're not actually going to Wales this Easter, but we're no strangers to the delights of the Principality, either. Here's Charlie (many years ago) on the Pembrokeshire coast path...

And here's his sister's first real taste of the sea at Newgale beach a few years later...

Packing, of course, generally means preparing for anything. The kids need entertaining - and thanks to their Leap Pads, even long journeys are relatively stress-free. But packing gadgets like these needs careful planning and the handy addition of this nifty (and hefty - but only in terms of the powerful punch it packs) portable battery charger to our rucksack makes the inevitable power problems less of a poser.

We've packed the wellies and the waterproofs (of course) and I've got some paints (watercolours, what else?) We're well prepared. So what do you pack for a trip to Wales? Well, our conclusion is - just about anything. BecauseWales has got just about everything!

Wherever you might wander, and whatever destination you're packing for, have a wonderful Easter!

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