Thursday, 12 March 2015

Mother's Day and the #AldiChallenge

It's not long now, you know. It's probably too late to get something in the post. But it's not too late to get something planned. Which is where Aldi comes in handy.

Aldi aims to offer high quality products, at low cost prices - enabling people to do more of the things they enjoy, including activities with the family. Personally, I need no persuading but when they got in touch after Monday's Mother's Day post and invited me to take the #AldiChallenge, I couldn't resist.

Now, in case my wife is reading this before Sunday (unlikely, but...) I'm going to be a little circumspect about the precise details of my challenge. But the bottom line, the lovely, colourfully-fragrant and beautiful bottom line is this wonderful bunch of flowers.

'Perfect Mum' bouquet, it's called. And I had enough left over at the end of my 'Mother's Day' Aldi shop to buy them, too!

What else did I buy, I hear you say? And how did I manage it and still have funds to spare for flowers?

Well, you'll have to wait for the big day to find out, I'm afraid. Suffice to say it's suitably creative, involves the kids and is kind to the environment. It links with a previous post I've published recently, too. If anyone can guess what it is (or might be) I might be tempted to offer a prize. (I know it's Mother's Day but I've got a lovely little book on Fatherhood to give away!)

Until then, I keeping mum.

Although there'll be more tips on preparing for Mother's Day to come tomorrow and on Saturday.

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