Wednesday, 25 February 2015

What have we learnt this week?

Well, for a start, that being an MP is something of a sinecure. Malcolm Rifkind had time to read, go for country walks, earn a healthy second income and both be an MP (though not for much longer) and chairman of an important parliamentary committee. It's all about time-management, after all.

But if you think that's good, how about Conservative Geoffrey Cox, QC, MP? According to the Financial Times Mr Cox found time - when not representing the interests of his Torridge and West Devon constituents - to earn a whopping £870,867. Mind you, he only managed to speak in the House of Commons 10 times so that might've helped.

Of course, what they all say is 'pay us more, pay us more.' And as the late Mandy Rice-Davies once memorably stated, they would, wouldn't they?

What I say (for what it's worth - and that ain't much, certainly not as much as MPs get paid) is don't. Don't pay them anymore. And make them all do the job they've been elected for. And nothing else.

And if that fails to attract candidates of the 'right calibre' and with the 'qualities and experience' parliament 'needs' (in other words, men - for it is mostly men - who have a knack of making mega bucks) than good riddance. We're better off without them.

I mean, do we really want to pay this man MORE for doing THIS?


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  1. I think the same applies to all these top execs in NHS and BBC etc. who get loads of public money because it is necessarily to attract top talent. Hm, yes indeed.


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