Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Happy New Jar!

Yes! A happy jar for a happy year. A year focused on happiness and - as Bing Crosby sang - accentuating the positive in each day.

My resolution (should you care) is to have one meat-free day per week. (Much easier, I think, than vague 'cutting down' pledges but that's just my need for specifics.) My daughter, though, surprised me by showing me her 'happy jar' yesterday - namely, a jar in which she has resolved to place a written record of one good thing that has happened each day. Here it is:

At the end of the year, she assures me, she will tip out the jar and read all the entries. And it'll be much better than a diary because it will be one, single, simple and specially chosen moment. And even on the darkest, most depressing day there will be something worth recording. To say nothing of the fact that the very act of selecting and recording something automatically sets you in a more positive frame of mind to begin with. By the end of the year you'd be struggling to limit yourself to just one piece of paper!

The psychology behind such resolutions is interesting. And if you are (interested, that is) you can read more about it here.

Personally, I think I'd struggle to overcome my inner misanthrope, certainly for an entire year. After all, there's something inherently comforting about pessimism, isn't there? If you know you're at rock bottom, then things can't get any worse!

Or is that optimism?

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