Monday, 8 December 2014

Relax! Just do it...

Christmas is wonderful isn't it? The carols, the presents, the tree. But then there's the cooking, the shopping, the traveling too.

Let's face it, it can be pretty stressful.

So if you fancy winning a wonderfully relaxing spa weekend courtesy of Artesian Spas, read on. All it takes is a bit of thinking, and the gift of sharing. Think about your own tried-and-tested way to unwind, then share it with them here and - hey presto! - you're in with a chance to win the boss of all becalming!

Actually, y'know, it's quite tricky. How do you unwind when all about you is stress and chaos and confusion? Is there one sure fire tip you can pass on? Here, to help you, are my top three:

3. Sun (and sea, and sand preferably).

Ok, it's wonderfully relaxing in the summer sun but I love the beach at any time of year. And there's something timeless and impossible to ignore about the sea, in all its moods. Just standing, looking - wearing little or nothing if the sun is shining and the weather's hot or else well wrapped in hats and scarfs if not. It's maritime mollification and music for the soul.

2. And talking of music, that's my number two. Fast or slow, loud or soft, making or listening, I find music one of the most relaxing activities I know. This is me (look closely) in one of the choirs I have the pleasure to participate in at a concert with the lovely Lesley Garrett:

Did you know that singing is top of the stress-busting pops? Singers in groups or choirs actually synchronise their heart beats as well as flooding their brains with endorphins. If you're stressed, sing. And if you think you can't ( - you almost certainly can, btw - just ask Gareth Malone!) then you can at least have a go in the privacy of...

1... my number one all-time (but only recently discovered favourite) relaxation regime - bath time. Not theirs (the kids) but mine.

I don't need candles, mood music or aromatic bath salts either. I just need a tub full of warm water and... oh, bliss! We now have a bath large enough to comfortably accommodate my six foot frame, hence the recent rediscovery of this most watery of ways to unwind. Don't worry, I'm not going to raise your stress levels by showing you a picture of myself actually in the tub. Not in a post that's all about relaxing. No. So here instead is one of me at the Roman baths at Bath.

Now, over to you! To enter the competition and share your top tip simply click the pic below.

Good luck!

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  1. I like to disappear into a gripping book. By the time I've come up for air, I'm more relaxed. :)


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