Monday, 22 December 2014

Not the Nine Lessons and Carols: Day 7

Welcome to day seven of our seasonal #NotThe9Lessons spectacular!

Today's lesson is actually more than one reading. Forgive the audio quality but it's the only one of a wonderful former BBC announcer called Robin Holmes reading a couple of seasonal poems from a series called Rural Rhymes and broadcast years ago as an occasional filler. The quality of the poems varies but the delicately-nuanced readings are always excellent. Unfortunately I was told by a BBC friend who had an archivist investigate the depths of Broadcasting House a while ago that the original recordings were deleted, which means these may be the only copies.

Today's #NotThe9Lessons carol comes from my new favourite girl singer evah, the hugely-talented Kate Davis. (Check out her version of Meghan Trainor's All About that Bass here if you haven't heard it already.)

She sings, she plays (a multitude of instruments, including my own fave the double (or upright) bass) and, in this video, she wears a Christmas hat and does a cover of Elvis's Blue Christmas that includes duelling basses (think duelling banjos, but bigger). Over to ya, Kate...

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