Monday, 13 October 2014

New House New Baby...

Some time ago I was asked if I'd like to become an ambassador for TalkTalk. There's not a great deal in it (I sign a new eighteen-month contract and they pay my bill for nine months) but I thought, why not? I'm a TalkTalk customer already (have been for years) and always been reasonably happy. What can possibly go wrong?

Well, moving house for a start. If you've never moved or not moved recently let me tell you one thing: don't. But if you do, I can certainly recommend TalkTalk's online moving house page as among the easiest ways of transferring your service from one address to another.

For a start, you can do it all in a matter of a few mouse clicks. It's as easy as that. Second, it's quick. The time between my old line being stopped and my new one becoming active was a little under 24 hours. I've had friends who have moved recently and whose phone and broadband services are provided by 'rival operators' who have waited weeks - weeks - for a broadband line. I'm not sure I could live that long in the internet wilderness. Especially as - thanks to my new deal - TalkTalk are now providing my telly service too. (Goodbye, nasty satellite dish; farewell Mr Murdoch and farewell too to an extortionate bill that was more than I'm paying now - or will be paying in nine months time - but which now covers TV, fibre-optic broadband, line rental and that old-fashioned thing called a telephone. They're not paying me for saying that. Well, I suppose they are in a manner of speaking but I'd say it anyway because it's true!)

So, new house new... baby broadband and so far, she's a little beauty!

Altogether now? Ah...

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