Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Have I Got News For You

How do kids think TV works?

My dad was on the telly once, being interviewed about something like road works (he was a traffic engineer). I was probably slightly younger than Charlie at the time and had all sorts of strange notions of him (my dad, that is) being pushed inside the TV set (they were big things, back then!). More 'in' than 'on' TV.

Charlie clearly has a more sophisticated understanding of the whole thing; nevertheless the concept of live broadcasting left him struggling.

Let me explain. Robbie Williams has had a baby. (No, not literally... oh do keep up!) The BBC called to ask me to say something about it - or rather, his 'live tweet' of the event. Now, I'm nowhere near the nearest TV studio, it was getting late and we'd just got back from a few days holiday in Yorkshire.

So the Beeb decides to do the interview on Skype which means I'm sitting in front of the computer like an idiot and Charlie is in the other room watching the TV when I suddenly appear.

'Look mummy, daddy's on television!' he exclaims. He did know beforehand what was about to happen, but excitement had suddenly got the better of him.

'Where are you going?' asks mummy as he leaps up off the sofa in a single bound and bolts from the room.

'To tell daddy he's on telly,' says Charlie, 'so he can come and watch it with us.'

Thus, dear reader, did Charlie very nearly make his live TV debut this evening, photobombing my appearance on the BBC News Channel. That would have been interesting. A tad more interesting, perhaps, than his old man pontificating!

You can judge for yourself. As for me I'd like to thank my agent, the producer, the director, my mom and my dad, my lovely wife, my beautiful, beautiful children, the dog, the cat, the hamster and most of all *oh-my-gad-I'm-gonna-cry*... most of all *sniff*...

Robbie Williams...


  1. Very professional. You sound like you do it all the time!

  2. I'm a regular, Steve... at least once every, oh - five years!


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