Thursday, 28 August 2014

Tesco Fuel Save review

Fuel costs are the big killer as far as holidays and days out in the summer are concerned. Even with a relatively economical car and a modest journey, the cost of getting there can mean you have less to spend when you arrive. So Tesco's latest Fuel Save offer has got to be good value. It's simple, too.

Do your shopping in Tesco, scan your Clubcard and - for every £50 spent you'll get a total of 2 pence per litre off your next fuel purchase. Spent £100 and get 4p a litre discount! Not quite made the magic  total? Don't worry, just keep shopping and keep scanning and it'll add your savings to the total.

Then all you need to do is scan your club card at the pump:

...and decide where you want to go!

We decided to take a trip to Gunby Hall in Lincolnshire, a lovely National Trust property (seat of the Massingberd family) where - in addition to enjoying the quite wonderful house and grounds...

... you can play croquet on the lawn:

... as well as Jenga:

And all cheaper than it might otherwise have been thanks to Tesco Fuel Save!

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