Sunday, 17 August 2014

Lollibop 2014

... was nothing if not popular. I've no idea how many people attended on Saturday (yesterday) but the queue of cars to enter the venue was so long that - rather than sit in the car for what looked like an hour - we turned back and caught the train. Hatfield House is only a few minutes walk from the railway station. 

... was nothing if not better. Bigger, better and bolder than last year. The venue helped, of course. Not that the Olympic Park (last year's venue) was duff, but the rolling acres of Hatlfield House proved perfect to accommodate both the hoards of visitors and the huge variety of attractions. The woods even provided the perfect location for a Bear Grylls combat course, which Charlie loved. (At this point, dear reader, I would have liked to have shown you a lovely picture of Charlie emerging triumphant from the tunnel netting. Unfortunately uber-dad - whose kids were clearly not doing it right - kept making his brood go back for another, better, go and got in the way of my photo. Sorry.)

... was again in thrall to the talent, energy and ability of Justin Fletcher. Mr Bloom was there too and - for the uninitiated - compere Alex Winters helpfully suggested that his popularity (he had caused a near-stampede at the big top earlier and was transferred to the main stage on Saturday afternoon) was down to his mum-appeal. But Justin reigned supreme as usual. 

... had something for everyone this year. Although, unfortunately, I didn't get chance to try the adult crèche. There was just too much for the kids to do.

Honestly, anyone would think Lollibop was just for them! 

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