Saturday, 23 August 2014

Leap Frog Leap Band review

Couch Potato Kids...

We're all aware of them. Worried about the problem. Concerned about the welfare of the next generation.

But can you blame them?

I mean, when I was their age I played out, climbed trees, kicked balls, lit fires, scrumped apples, annoyed elderly neighbours and the like because, well, that's what we did. There wasn't much else to do.

But faced with the awesome entertainment opportunities today's children have, is there any wonder they find a comfortable place on the sofa exercising only their thumbs or index finger (according to device and/or game)?

Not really.

So what's needed, obviously, is an interactive electronic gadget with all the entertainment bells and whistles of the games console or tablet, but which demands that kids get up off the sofa and, well, move. And earn points moving. And learn why moving is important. And learn why a good diet is essential.

Enter the Leap Frog Leap Band, as opened this morning by Charlie and as operated by his little sister. Here's how they got on....

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