Sunday, 10 August 2014

A Father's Manifesto

Did you know Chapman Pincher died last week? Do you know who Chapman Pincher was?

It doesn't matter either way. His death (at age 100) is no great tragedy, more a cause for celebration (long life, good health, wealth and several of life's other pleasures). 

Yet tragedy there is.

In the broadcast obituary his son was interviewed. He said that his famous father had 'no time' for him as a child once his career had blossomed, that he had a short temper and that - had Pincher senior not lived to be 100 - his father might have been a stranger to him. Or, in his son's words, 'Had my father not lived as long I wouldn't be here now saying nice things about him.'

The great tragedy is, of course, that few of us dads will get to live as long. Who knows how much time any of us will get? I'm already well into my three-score years. And yet I realise I sometimes fob the children off because I'm busy, shout at them because I'm tired and generally give them less than they deserve.

But those moments may not come again; our lives might not be long enough to allow us to make up for so many missed opportunities. So here's my manifesto for us fathers: let's make the most of it.

Don't wait till tomorrow: do it now. 

And the 'it', of course, is our relationship with our children. 

From now on let's make sure that nothing - not jobs nor chores nor television, tidying or even reading books - get between us and them. 

Let's be friends.


For who knows what tomorrow brings?

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  1. Here here. Lovely post to which I can relate too in so many ways :-)


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