Friday, 4 July 2014


Be quick! Today's the day. It's the barbecue summer.

Apologies to those not living in the south and east of England but believe me, we've had our share of rain this year as well as storm and tempest, fire and flood.

Now, I don't know about you but I'm rather good at barbecuing... I can do all manner of meat and usually do it quite well and - furthermore - nobody's yet been poisoned.

But... what do you do with it, to accompany the meat? Salad, yes. Of course. (Except I personally can't stand it.) Bread, yes - necessary: how else to eat those burgers and to make those hot dogs. Then what?

I'm at a loss. Which is where these limited edition McCain Roasted Garlic wedges come in. Made from specially selected potatoes and boasting an on-trend roasted garlic taste for added flavour they're a perfect addition to any barbecue.

Don't they look good? And believe me, they taste good too!

But that’s not all!

Don't worry if it rains. Because courtesy of McCain you can still put a smile on your little one's face - literally - thanks to the latest offer on packs of McCain Smiles and McCain Mini Jackets.

By entering two unique codes, from special packs, and visiting you can upload a photograph of your choice to be printed on one of a range of hardwearing melamine plates, bowls, cups or coasters.  Perfect for your children’s teatime place setting.

The exclusive on-pack offer is available now... BUT! (It gets better) I also happen to have a couple of codes to give away, giving two lucky readers a head-start. Simply enter using the rafflecopter thingumy below. Usual rules apply.

And if you can, and whether you've barbecuing or not, enjoy the weather.

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